The Chakra Sound System is more than just a listening experience. By opening yourself to these intentionally designed musical meditations on a regular basis, you step into the practice of transformation.”

-David Ison

About The Chakra Sound System Series

David Ison

Hello, I'm David Ison, and I'd like to invite you on a fantastic voyage—a musical journey to your truest essence, the deepest realms of consciousness, and the hidden worlds behind the veil of what we call reality.

Welcome to The Chakra Sound System.

The Chakra Sound System is a music-based meditation system designed to open the pathways to your highest self. The practices presented in The Chakra Sound System use the transformative power of music and meditation to awaken and release the hidden potential within each of the seven chakras—your subtle body energy centers—guiding you toward the joy of being right here, right now.

After a lifetime of exploration and musical composition, I have found a practice that leads to an experience of real happiness, real liberation. Ancient and powerful, subtle and calm, the way is through music—beautiful, meaningful, intentional music—and I'm excited to share this practice with you.

Let me tell you a secret: everything is vibrating, everything is pulsing with the sound of creation. The shimmering, ringing tones of vibration bring into being a simultaneous interplay between action, reaction, and the rising and falling waves of continuous, constant change. Thus, the process of creation unceasingly unfolds and the universe is born.

“With real practice, real work . . . you can create the conditions that bring forward a personal transformation that in turn brings about a revolution of consciousness in the world around us.”

-David Ison

The philosopher Pythagoras called this primordial sound “The Music of the Spheres.” Sacred Hindu texts refer to it as “The Nada Brahma, the Song of the One, the seed tone.”

The creative essence of the seed tone is indeed in everything.

Proportion, relationship, harmony, form and function, matter and energy are all shaped by the sounding of the sacred seed tone. If you open your eyes and ears, you will see and hear the structures everywhere. Look at the leaf, listen to the wind, witness the entire universe in the nautilus shell—or within your own mind. Discover the cycles of life and death, the seasons of the year, and presence of constant change. All of this—all of existence—is a reflection of the essences of vibration and sound in motion.

Especially music. Music is the essence of proportion, harmony, and relationship. Music sings the song of creation and tells the story of the never-ending cycles of growth and decay. Music is a way into our very souls and has been used as a vehicle for personal and planetary transformation for thousands of years.

“Meditating is the key to the self.”

-David Ison

In keeping with the age-old tradition of using music and sound for spiritual growth, wisdom, and self-awareness, The Chakra Sound System is the musical expression of unity and wholeness. As your body, mind, and spirit resonate with and respond to the music, the portals to the higher self swing open. Stepping through these portals, you will find amazing gifts: the opportunity to celebrate being in your body; embracing your incarnation completely; and the possibility of integration—becoming the essence of you.

Through the consistent practice of using The Chakra Sound System to musically awaken your chakra energy system, you will find yourself becoming more confident, secure in your ability to make choices, filled with purpose, and profoundly comfortable with who you are.

The Chakra Sound System has been created with love and gratitude. Gratitude for the beauty of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits; gratitude for all that we have; gratitude for all that we may become . . . and most of all for you, our listeners and our friends.

Because it uses the sacred power of music, the practice of The Chakra Sound System is simple and easy. You'll likely find it so pleasing and rewarding that you will want to use it every day. I hope you gain as much joy and purpose from experiencing The Chakra Sound System as I have in bringing it to you.

—David Ison

A Music-Based Odyssey into the Depths of the Self

Celebrate the Body

Relax and come into a greater appreciation of your physical form

Embrace Incarnation

Learn how your chakras interact with and embody the energetic flow of the universe

Integrate Your Essence

Embrace those parts of yourself that have been disowned or forgotten

About the Artist

David Ison has created dozens of musical meditation offerings, including his critically acclaimed albums The Musical Body Program, The Harmonizer, and Balance. David's programs are harmonic experiences that express his passion for developing enlightened choice—a more conscious way of thinking that enhances our creative abilities.

David's many healing compositions have been extensively researched by some of the most prestigious medical institutions around the country and the world. In 1999, the National Institutes of Health published a three-year study on David's music, which clinically validated its capability to bring about a relaxation response within listeners and contribute to the healing process.

David lives in Ojai, California. An accomplished organic chef, he celebrates his incarnation by feeding the body, mind, and spirit—and continues to expand the boundaries of consciousness.

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What You'll Receive

Fourteen musical meditations

Each of these meditation sessions invites you to relax, breathe, and focus your awareness on a particular chakra. Combining David's gentle guidance and expansive music, these meditations are intended to promote sensations of peace, joy, and open inquiry.

Two “Harmonizer” compositions

These longer musical tracks are intended to lead listeners through deeper journeys into the Seven Stages of Incarnation and Integration.

PDF Guidebook

Throughout this 84-page guide, David expands on each of the meditations, illuminates how each interacts with specific chakras, and gives advice on the different ways these practices will affect you.

Fourteen PDF Chakra Cards

These vibrant flashcards display the seven chakras paired with questions to consider while meditating upon each of them.

Seven PDF Mudra Cards

Mudras are sacred hand gestures used by monks, yogis, and other sacred explorers around the world. These seven cards share specific mudras for opening to each of the chakras.

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